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Alexia is offering live and recorded workout on a virtual studio, wellness courses and workshops, nutrition consultation, pre & postnatal fitness and personal training for beginner to advanced levels

What's Alexia's Method

As a former Track-and-Field athlete and coach, Alexia has always sought perfection in movement and alignment. In fact, she majored in sports sciences while doing her university studies in France in order to better understand and optimize the biomechanics of movement, and the physiology of the human body!
Since then, Alexia has always worked independently in order to have the freedom to create her own method of coaching. This includes always scrupulously selecting exercises, and making sure that the focus lies in the form. 
It is in this search for optimization of performance, as well as the desire to help each individual to achieve their goals, that she has developed her sports and nutrition programs which make the understanding and functioning of the body accessible to everyone.
The results that Alexia has obtained for more than 10 years are undoubtable. Her methods have proven themselves for hundreds of clients who have seen their bodies tone up in just a few weeks. With her vision of health and wellness being holistic, Alexia will also help you on both your nutritional and psychological journey towards a healthier lifestyle routine.
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Access to 3 professional coaches and over 25 different classes a month: Strength, conditioning, cardio, HIIT, cross training, yoga, stretching & mobility.

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Start new habits and improve your lifestyle routine with one of my 6-week program: Pelvic floor recovery, nutrition learning, holistic approach for wellness...

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Alexia helps you to manage your nutrition, fitness level, stress, sleep, etc. Her goal is to help you set up an healthier and realistic routine so that you reach your goal!

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